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Transportation Overview

With federal and state laws and regulations assigning generators "cradle to grave" responsibility for the proper disposal of hazardous waste, the transportation component can be the most important, and most vulnerable, link in the disposal chain. NEDT provides the experience and the stability to minimize and eliminate transportation liability issues. Providing safe transportation is as crucial to us as it is to our customers.

NEDT realized early on that the safe transportation of hazardous wastes starts with a team of extremely experienced people who understand the legal requirements and regulations for hazardous waste transportation, and the hazards and handling issues presented by individual waste streams. NEDT combines the expertise of its technical staff, transportation coordinators, and highly trained and skilled drivers to ensure that: waste materials are properly packaged, marked, and labeled; all required shipping documents are properly completed and signed; and the disposal facility's special requirements, if any, are taken into consideration. To make your life less complicated our talented staff can provide manifests, labels, and other required forms to make shipping your waste materials easy and help ensure compliance with environmental regulations.

The second key component to hazardous waste transportation is the transportation equipment itself. NEDT owns and operates a fleet of fully permitted and meticulously maintained transportation equipment to provide safe and reliable local and "long haul" services for both bulk and containerized liquid and solid wastes. Because we operate our own fleet of transportation equipment we can economically provide both the full load and LTL (less than truckload) services to our customers on a schedule that meets their needs.

We would like an opportunity to provide your organization with transportation services. Please contact NEDT at 800-698-1865 for a quotation.

NEDT 's Transportation Equipment includes:

Over 50 watertight roll-off containers

Roll-off trucks and trailers

Box trucks w/power lift gates

Box trailers w/power lift gates

Vacuum tank trucks & trailers

Dump trucks & trailers

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