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Industrial Facility Maintenance

When they change processes to meet the demands of customers, or to correct a problem situation, businesses need to perform periodic maintenance activities to keep their manufacturing processes running at top efficiency. Often it doesn't make sense to train and equip their own people for tasks that can be dangerous and are performed infrequently. Instead these companies rely on a specialized contractor, like NEDT, who maintains a staff of highly trained individuals with the project/safety experience and the special equipment needed to safely and quickly complete the assigned work. For many of our clients, New England Disposal Technologies, Inc.'s (NEDT) has become this integral part of their periodic maintenance activities.

NEDT 's field services group can successfully and cost effectively complete almost any industrial facility maintenance activity. During periodic facility shutdowns we have cleaned overflow trenching and tanks, cleaned and repaired oil/water separators and acid neutralization tanks, and cleaned and decontaminated plating lines and industrial waste treatment systems. We clean manufacturing equipment and tanks as part of process change outs and raw material changeovers and we perform weekly and monthly preventative maintenance activities such as stack cleaning, separator cleaning, and tank bottom pump outs. When production operations move or are eliminated NEDT can clean and remove complete processes and decontaminate the manufacturing space.

NEDT uses its regulatory knowledge, vast project experience, and comprehensive equipment inventory to develop work methods and plans that suit the client's operations and allow industrial facility maintenance projects to be completed quickly, cost effectively, and with the minimum disruption to your operations. Whether you are cleaning tanks, trenches, equipment, buildings, or if you just want to do a thorough facility hazardous waste removal before a vacation shutdown; contact NEDT at 800-698-1865. We would welcome and opportunity to help you complete your project on time and on budget.

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