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December 2005

NEDT is pleased to announce that, for the second year in a row, the company had no OSHA recordable injuries. We would like to thank our employees for their diligence and conscience effort to work safely and for their strict adherence to the company’s Corporate Health & Safety Program.

In December NEDT received its Hazardous Waste Transporters permit from the State of Delaware. This permit allows NEDT to provide its customer base with transportation services for waste materials generated in the state of Delaware and to deliver wastes to treatment, storage, or disposal facilities within the state. The acquisition of this permit further enhances NEDT’s already broad transportation and disposal capabilities.

NEDT is happy to announce that Lon Cohen has joined its staff as Business Development Manager. In this position Lon will be responsible for working with the company’s staff to expand NEDT’s business throughout its service area. Prior to joining NEDT Mr. Cohen held positions as the Northeast Business Development Manager and Regional Vice-President of Sales for national engineering and consulting firms specializing in environmental remediation services.

Lon has over 25 years of sales, sales management, and project management experience in the environmental industry including: developing sales and marketing strategies; producing sales collateral materials; direct sales activities; proposal development; contract negotiation; and managing large projects and customers. Mr. Cohen’s experience and his knowledge of the northeast environmental market will be a significant asset to NEDT as it continues to grow its business and customer base.

Lon can be reached through NEDT’s Corporate Offices at 508-756-1339 or via e-mail at

In early December NEDT completed the first phase of a large soil treatment project in Boston, MA. During the first phase of a Brownfield redevelopment project the construction contractor excavated and stockpiled approximately 12,000 cubic yards of soil that was contaminated with lead. Several samples taken from the stockpile showed that the levels of leachable lead exceeded EPA standards and therefore the pile was considered a RCRA hazardous waste for disposal purposes. To control disposal costs the developer’s consultant asked for proposal for on-site treatment to decharacterize the soil by stabilizing the lead to reduce its leachability to below RCRA standards.

In order to complete this project a treatment area needed to be constructed in an undeveloped area of the property. The work completed in December included removing, transporting, and disposing of approximately 4,000 tons of lead and PAH impacted soil and aggregate debris that was previously stockpiled in the proposed treatment area. NEDT arranged for the disposal of this material by beneficial reuse (landfill cover) and transported and disposed of approximately 115 dump trailer loads of soil over a five-day period.

After completing the removal of this material, NEDT began mobilization for treatment phase of this project by construction of the treatment area, installation of polyethylene barriers around the perimeter of the treatment area, installation of utilities and treatment equipment delivery.

NEDT began the treatment phase of the project in late December. As of the end of the month over 5,000 tons of soil have been treated. Confirmatory sampling after treatment has shown that leachable lead by TCLP has been reduced by as much as 99.99 % from the levels of samples taken prior to treatment. In every case, confirmation sampling has shown that leachable lead has been reduced to less than 0.85 ppm.

NEDT expects to complete the treatment, transportation, and disposal phase of this project in late January or early February.

In December NEDT also completed the clean-up of a residential home heating oil spill that included excavation and disposal of petroleum contaminated soil from below the basement slab as well as dewatering activities to keep the excavation dry during the removal process. All remediation activities were completed to Massachusetts MCP A-1, non-detectable, standard.

In December NEDT also provided facility maintenance services to a wire and cable manufacturer in Southern New Hampshire. During wire and cable manufacturing operations wastewater containing copper is collected in a large floor sump. NEDT provides personnel and equipment to periodically drain and clean this sump.

Using one of its vacuum trucks, NEDT removes the water layer from the sump and transports it to and approved disposal facility. After removing the water, NEDT personnel enter the sump and drum the copper sludge, which is shipped to an off site copper recovery facility by the owner.

November 2005

In November NEDT was hired by and EPA contractor to provide support services for an EPA Emergency Removal Action at former textile and bleachery complex in Rhode Island. Our services on this project involved providing transportation and disposal services for approximately 1,600 tons of petroleum impacted soil.

NEDT prepared shipping documents and other submittals for EPA review and provided equipment necessary to ship almost 60 dump trailer loads of soil to a recycling facility for asphalt batching.

Also in November, NEDT was hired by a subcontractor at a USEPA site in Connecticut to provide transportation services associated with another Emergency Removal Action. For this project NEDT transported approximately 50 dump trailer loads of solvent impacted soil to a disposal facility in Canada. Because of its permits to transport hazardous waste in Canada, NEDT completed this project using its own equipment and drivers.

Working for a large construction company, NEDT provided watertight roll-off containers and transportation and disposal services for 21 loads of petroleum-contaminated soil generated during construction activities for a municipal water utility in Northeastern Massachusetts. Because it met state standards, the soil material was transported to a recycling facility for beneficial reuse as land fill cover. During the course of the project NEDT also provide transportation and disposal for impacted water generated by dewatering activities during the excavation.

October 2005

NEDT has received its Residual Waste Transporters Permit from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. This permit will allow NEDT to provide its customers with cost effective non-hazardous waste transportation and disposal options at facilities in Pennsylvania. The acquisition of this permit enhances NEDT’s already formidable transportation and disposal capabilities and expands the options that the company can provide our clients.

NEDT has completed a site remediation project at an operating manufacturing facility in Southeastern Massachusetts for a national waste disposal firm. This project involved the removal of an abandoned degreasing sump from under the slab of a demolished former manufacturing building.

Using heavy equipment, NEDT broke the slab floor and removed solvent impacted sediment from the abandoned sump. After removing the sediment the floor of the sump was broken up and removed so that impacted soil below the sump could be removed. All excavated materials were placed in NEDT’s watertight roll-off containers for temporary storage until the disposal firm obtained final disposal authorization. Once the excavation was determined to be clean, the sump was backfilled to grade and compacted.

NEDT transported the containers to a Canadian disposal facility selected by its client using its NEDT trucks and operators.

Also in October NEDT, working as a subcontractor to a national hazardous waste management firm, provided watertight roll-off containers and transportation services to ship 15 loads of solvent impacted soil from a former dry cleaning site in Western Massachusetts to a disposal facility in Canada.

September 2005

NEDT successfully completed the transportation and beneficial reuse of 1,000 tons of alum sludge from a municipal drinking water treatment plant in Northeastern Massachusetts

NEDT was awarded a contract for the transportation and disposal of more than 2,000 tons of TPH impacted soil generated at a US EPA site in Rhode Island

August 2005

In August New England Disposal Technologies, Inc. (NEDT) celebrated its tenth year of continuous operation.

NEDT was awarded a contract by an environmental contractor working on the closure of a manufacturing facility in Central Massachusetts to provide waste characterization, transportation and disposal services for over 50,000 gallons of F006 metal hydroxide sludge.

NEDT was awarded a contract by a general contractor to provide transportation and disposal services for approximately 1,000 tons of waste alum sludge. The contractor, who is providing construction services at a municipal drinking water plant in Northeastern Massachusetts, asked NEDT to find a cost effective waste management option for the material, which was excavated from the treatment plant during construction activities. NEDT quickly identified a beneficial reuse for the waste material, provided the reuse facility with waste characterization information to secure required approvals and will provide transportation services to move it to the reuse facility.

NEDT provided technical support services to a waste management company cleaning up an illegal drum disposal site in Southeastern New Hampshire. NEDT field chemists collected samples and performed field characterization for drums buried at this site. The samples were shipped to an off-site laboratory and over 80 analyses were performed on the samples to generated data that allowed NEDT Technical Services Group complete characterization of the wastes for proper disposal.

Working for an industrial property owner in Southern Connecticut, NEDT provided transportation and disposal services for approximately 4,000 tons of exhumed construction debris including asbestos containing materials and contaminated soil as part of a project associated with the transfer of the property. As part of this project NEDT provided waste characterization services to secure disposal facility approval.

July 2005

New England Disposal Technologies, Inc. (NEDT) was recently selected by a national engineering firm to treat and dispose of a 25,000-ton stockpile of lead contaminated soil at a Massachusetts development site. NEDT’s team will treat the soils with a patented liquid treatment technology to render the soil non-RCRA hazardous and then transport the treated soils to appropriate facilities for final disposal. 

NEDT was awarded this project because we developed a detailed project approach that limited the volume increase due to treatment, was cost effective, met the owner/developer’s time restrictions, and was protective of the environment. The project is expected to begin in the fall of 2005 and be completed within 8 to 10 weeks.

NEDT completed the removal transportation and disposal of approximately 3,000 tons of petroleum impacted soil from and MCP site located in an industrial park in Canton Massachusetts.

May 2005

New England Disposal Technologies, Inc. (NEDT) has added a 10,000-gallon, single compartment frac tank to its already extensive fleet of transportation and remediation equipment. This frac tank, designed to allow the storage and separation of aqueous liquids, is transportable on a straight roll-off truck and is ideal for areas with space restrictions and those projects where water volumes do not require larger units.

April 2005

New England Disposal Technologies, Inc. (NEDT) is please to announce that it has purchased several pieces of new equipment to allow it to better serve its client base:

NEDT purchased an Elastec/American Marine 118 Rotary Drum Skimmer to allow it to more efficiently remove petroleum products from waterways and industrial facilities. This unit, powered by our vacuum truck’s air system, has a 35 gpm removal rate with less than 3% water pick-up.

This equipment supports NEDT’s Oil and Hazardous Materials Emergency Spill Response contract with the Massachusetts DEP and, because this high end skimmer minimizes the intake of water it will allow NEDT to provide customers with a cost effective approach to removing surface petroleum from treatment pits, oil water separators, and retention ponds.

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