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New England Disposal Technologies, Inc. (NEDT) is a full service industrial and hazardous waste transportation, disposal, and remediation company that is recognized for its technical expertise, commitment to safety, and dedication to the protection of its clients' long-term liability. With comprehensive experience and skilled environmental professionals, NEDT provides high quality services and offers efficient, cost-effective and environmentally sound solutions to hazardous waste disposal problems.

Since 1995 NEDT has built its business on careful planning, a depth of technical expertise, and a corporate structure that promotes the reliable and successful completion of client assignments. Our customers receive technical assistance in the preparation, identification, and packaging of wastes for storage, safe shipment, and ultimate disposal and they have access to, and project support from, our Technical Services, Field Services, and Transportation groups. We believe in providing services to our clients that are above and beyond expectations while maintaining the delicate balance between protecting our customer's environmental liabilities and the environment, and helping control waste management costs. Meeting this challenge is not a task that our firm takes lightly.

Industrial waste management and remediation is a serious matter. We understand that our client's want the waste management firm they choose to handle their waste correctly, safely, legally, and in a timely manner. NEDT believes that this is good business and it will remain the focal point of our daily operations.

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